The Christmas Day Dinner 2021

Thanks so much for finding us. The good news is that despite the huge challenges of recent years we will be creating another magical Christmas Day Dinner for some brilliant, resilient young people who’ve gone through the care system, this December.

Everything happens because of our wonderful volunteers. We would love you to get involved with the Richmond Christmas Day Dinner in so many ways:

Would you like to buy one of our wonderful guests a Christmas gift? Well you can if you click here and select from our wishlist.

Could you make a donation to the event or perhaps volunteer to join one of the committees we are setting up? If you can, please email and get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Our fundraising has started and you can donate to help us make Christmas 2021 unforgettable for our guests by clicking here.

Sign up to our Easy Fundraising programme to donate while on-line shopping

Follow us on social media and spread the word. You’ll find the latest updates and how to help on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Last December, almost 60 young people were enjoyed a socially-distanced scrumptious and magical Christmas Day Dinner. With or without any restrictions in place this year we will be delivering Christmas this year… with your help.

Whatever challenges we are faced with this time around we’ll be delivering the spirit of Christmas to around 50 care leavers across Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow. From start to finish, we’re aiming to deliver a very special day for people who may never have had that experience before or had had very negative experiences at Christmas.  The team at Richmond Council put together this fantastic video of Sian (the chair of our group) and Emily, one of our guests, which tells you everything you need to know about the Richmond Christmas Day Dinner:

See the video from one of our recent events:

Once again, we’re determined to create a memorable day, complete with traditional Christmas lunch, lovely gifts and festive fun.

Christmas Day Richmond 2018 - 14

Click here to see what Radio Wandsworth think of our project

“One of the key things we needed was presents for these young adults and they arrived in their droves. Many have never had presents at Christmas before so we are appealing to local business to provide these presents, especially ones that have that ‘wow’ effect.

2018 event - 2

“We all know people who would like to make a difference to the lives of others at Christmas – now they can by getting involved with The Christmas Dinner.  A warm fuzzy feeling is guaranteed.”

Email us for further details on

and find out the view of the SW Londoner website

2018 event - 4

Happy faces on at the Christmas Day Richmond

Christmas Day Richmond 2018 - 15Christmas Day Richmond 2018 - 13

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