Why I am involved with The Christmas Day Dinner – Sarah Austin

“I can still remember the childhood memories of anticipation building into excitement, wishing and hoping coming true along with the inevitable surprises, and a feeling of being loved unconditionally at Christmas without ever having to question that each year would be the same. (No matter how many chocolates I over indulged in from my selection box which often spiraled me into making the wrong sugar sponsored decisions, or the inevitable display of sibling jealousy as the presents were unwrapped!)

As an adult I now know the energy and hard work that goes into Christmas Day, all woven together with the most important elements of love and thoughtfulness. I wanted to get involved with the Christmas Care Leavers lunch to help be a part of creating those feelings and memories for others – which I was lucky enough to have experienced as a child.

We are never too old to feel the excitement of an unopened gift, to indulge in the other-worldly-ness of a decorated space, or to feel the virtual love around you that simply because you are you, someone has shown you that they care enough to celebrate you.”

Click here if you have been inspired by Sarah’s words to get involved with our project… We need your help

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