Why I am involved with The Christmas Day Dinner – Zoe Sargent

“As someone who during my professional career has been touched both directly and indirectly by caring for young people in care & having left the care system; I am inspired and motivated by this brilliant project.

As a parent myself, knowing how much I care for my children, I have always struggled that as a society, our care leavers are often left to survive after 18 years old, alone. Christmas, a time of togetherness – should be about celebrating and enjoyment- exactly what Lemn Sissay’s Christmas Day Dinner is all about!

When asked to join the steering group I didn’t hesitate! I know we can make amazing memories and provide something that all our wonderful volunteers will be so proud of. The Christmas Day Dinner project brings people together and makes everyone know they are valued – both guests and helpers.

Many years ago, a young care leaver in a women’s refuge made a lasting impression on me. In a letter I received from the 21 year old girl, she wrote “you will never realise how special it was to have someone listen to me and be there for me and my daughter; I will never forget you.” I wish I knew where she was now as I would like to tell her that I didn’t forget her either.”

Inspired by Zoe’s words? Join the group by clicking here

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