Co-Ordination Event Hiring are on board again!

The lovely people at Co-Ordination Event Hiring are once again giving us some invaluable help as we try to create a Christmas Day experience that none of our guests will forget,

They have supported us unwaveringly since year one and this year we invited ourselves down to go and offer grateful hugs and trays of cakes, to show how much they mean to us and our guests.

They are a family run business who supply us with the beautiful tables, chairs, benches, table linen, ovens and this year, high chairs and beanbags!

Suffice to say they are monumentally supportive of what we do!!

If you’d like to join the team at Co-Ordination Event Hiring  this is how:

1. If you’d like to make a donation to the Richmond Christmas Day Dinner  please click here

2. If you’d like to give one of our guests a Christmas present click here

3. Or if you’d like to sign up to fundraise for the Richmond Christmas Day Dinner through you on-line shopping you can do that  by clicking here
If you register and use Richmond Christmas Day Dinner (Christmas Day Richmond is how we are registered) then away you go.



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