Our new partnership with Madlug

The #1 UK bag brand that helps you give dignity to children in care. Life Goes Inside™

We recognise that you may not need a new bag but you still want to get involved in the story of helping children in care carry their life with dignity. We also recognise that many of you will want to add more bags to your order and be able to help more children and young people.

Donating  a bag or extra bags is a great way to help this become a reality. So click here to find out more and buy a Madlug

And you can help us in so many ways:

Could you make a donation to the event or perhaps volunteer to join one of the committees we are setting up? If you can, please email christmasdayrichmond@gmail.com and get in touch.

Our fundraising has started and you can donate to help us make Christmas 2020 unforgettable for our guests by clicking here

If you’d like to give one of our guests a Christmas present via our Amazon Wish List click here

Sign up to our Easy Fundraising programme to donate while on-line shopping

Follow us on social media and spread the word. You’ll find the latest updates and how to help on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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