Would you like to help us wrap presents for our guests?

Photo by Laura James on Pexels.com

Christmas is almost here and thanks to the generosity of so many people we have some presents to wrap for our guests. Would you like to help? Sign up for one of the sessions below if you are good with sellotape, wrapping paper and a scissors! Or even if you aren’t!


There is still time to but presents for our guests. If you’d like to buy something for our of our care leavers there are two simple ways:

  1. From our Amazon list – Click here and select from our wish list.
  2. There is a lovely shop on Church Street, Twickenham – The Hare and the Moon – that holds a gift list for us if you click here – checkout code ‘Richmond’. Or you can go in and choose something you like and they will hold on to and distribute it to us nearer the event.

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