Let me tell you why I’m involved – by Maia Honan

“I’m thrilled to be able to play a small part in helping make Christmas Day special for these young people.

“I have no experience of care leavers but the more I hear, the more I understand how important this is, and the more I want to do.

“The momentum behind this project, and the commitment and care being poured in by the various volunteers and the response from friends, family, strangers and local businesses is something to behold. It’s truly life-affirming. It’s going to be a fantastic day and it won’t just be the guests who walk away with beautiful memories.“

Would you like to join Maia in helping with Christmas Day Dinner – Richmond? Well you can by emailing christmasdayrichmond@gmail.com

If you don’t have time to volunteer would you donate a present or two to the care leavers? If so click here to peruse our present list

Thank you, Positive, for your help!

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 12.08.53.png  10615964_949517435102393_7520248091818297835_n

We wanted to say a big thank you to Positive, Richmond’s best (we’re biased!) digital marketing agency.  Responding to a call to support on Facebook, they’ve come up trumps for us, designing and printing the party invite for our young guests plus flyers to help us spread the word.  They’ll also be providing the huge real Christmas tree for the day (but not this site or the social media as they were already up and running by our volunteers!)

Thanks Positive!




Thank you for the Brownies, Crosbies!



Our lovely new friends at Crosbies Foods, are kindly making us 48 of their signature Crosbies Chocolate Brownies. Made with a 73% Cocoa solid Belgian organic chocolate, their brownies contain more than 40% pure dark chocolate and make a fabulous dessert. Simply served warm with some really good vanilla ice cream and fresh red berries – absolute pudding perfection!

Crosbies is a family company that specialises in the highest quality hand made produce.

They bake from scratch using the best quality fresh natural ingredients. Local free range eggs, real butter, British flour & sugars and Belgian Chocolate. No artificial colours, preservatives or any other nonsense, just great tasting food made with care and skill.

We’ve tried them, and our guests are going to be over the moon. Crosbies brownies are also available as fab Christmas presents by mail-order. Beautifully presented too! Thank you! x

Find out more at Crosbies Foods

Nasseema Crowley explains why she is involved with Christmas Day Richmond

I got involved with The Christmas Day Dinner because of an email circulated by Sian at work.  I will start by saying that my decision to become involved is because I am an ingrate!

I looked after my mother for several years and when her Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, became too much for me to handle on my own, I had to put her in a Nursing Home.

She has been there for a couple of years now and during Christmas I usually go to my son’s or brother’s home for Christmas Day.  But I really don’t want to be “taken care of” at this time of year – though I know they do not view it in that way.

I LOVE my little family, but I am ridiculously independent and proud, and this is a way for me to do my own thing and them to know that I will not be alone (far from it!) on Christmas Day.  I am really looking forward to the day and hope my poor contribution to the event will be of some help.

Christmas Day Richmond needs more people like Nasseema to volunteer. Get involved by clicking here and following in her footsteps

Why I’m committed to Christmas Day Richmond – by Dee Marshall

Several years ago I was listening to a radio programme discussing care leavers and in particular what was an ‘appropriate’ age for them to leave care and fend for themselves. (Do any of us ever feel ready for that?!)

I was full of admiration for these young people, many of whom had overcome an extremely difficult start in life.

So when I heard about this brilliant initiative I jumped at the chance to help provide the Christmas extravaganza they deserve! 

Together let’s spread the joy of Christmas! It’s our chance to show we care.

Would you like to follow Dee and volunteer for Christmas Day Richmond? Click here





Together let’s spread the joy of Christmas! It’s our chance to show we care.